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Today’s kids spend only seven minutes a day playing outside. We’re not taking that lying down on the couch.

Generation Wild is changing an entire generation of kids.
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Why play outside?

Why Should Kids Play Outside?

Some of the best discoveries kids make outside are about themselves.

A research study from the University of Michigan found that the average kid in America spends less than seven minutes a day running around outside in unstructured play. Seven quick minutes that are gone in a blink.

That's not just a shame, it's not healthy. Because doing things outside makes kids stronger and more self-reliant. Outside is where imagination and curiosity run wild. And that's just the beginning.

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Parenting Strategies

Parenting Strategies

How to help your kid hear the call of the wild. And answer it.

Today, parents and caregivers are concerned about just how much time kids spend inside in front of a screen rather than taking part in fun outdoor activities. It’s practically the whole day. We gathered tips from experts around the world to help get kids off the couch and back outside playing again.

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Ideas & Inspiration

There’s no shortage of outdoor activities to get kids started.

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The List

100 Things to Do Before You’re 12.

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Backyard Hacks


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Library Book

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