Ring In Summer

This year, the last school bell won’t actually ring. So let’s officially ring in summer all across our colorful state. On Friday, May 29 at 3 p.m., grab a bell, step outside and ring it for the kids and the teachers. Ring it for the front line. Ring it for what really matters. And ring in better days ahead.

Set a reminder on your phone, help spread the word and share your bell-ringing videos on your social feed using #RingInSummer and #GenerationWild so we can gather them all. Let’s hear it, Colorado. Let’s ring in summer!

Want to make the moment even more unforgettable? Set up a virtual hangout with your fellow students, teachers, parents-in-the-thick-of-it, family near and far, or anyone else who likes to cause a ruckus. Set your screen to gallery mode so you can see everyone’s smiling face and hit record.

Don’t have a bell?
Don’t let that stop you!

Download Bells

Upload your photos and video directly to us using these helpful instructions.

Capture the Moment

If ever there was a time for the outdoors, it’s now.

We can all use a little fresh air these days. Go for a stroll around your neighborhood. Mosey down a local trail. Spend time in your backyard or on your balcony and feel the warm sun on your face. Treat yourself and your family to the stress-relieving, immunity-boosting, feel-good-vibes that only nature can provide. Stay wild. Stay safe. Stay close to home.

the list

This might not be the fix for cabin fever, but it can’t hurt.

Download our List of 100 Things to Do Before You’re 12. It includes plenty of fun activities for your kiddos right in your own yard. Get even more ideas and inspiration when you follow us on Facebook and Instagram. As always, stay wild. Be safe.

Get the List

Even when you’re indoors you can explore the outdoors and plan your next adventure.

The National Wildlife Federation

10 Ways to Nature Play at Home
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Google Earth

Virtual Tour of National Parks
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National Park Service

Webcams of National Parks
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National Museum of Natural History

Museum Virtual Tours
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Children & Nature Network

10 Nature Activities to Help Get Your Family Through the Coronavirus Pandemic
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The Nature Conservancy

Nature Lab - Youth Curriculum Platform + Virtual Field Trips
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How to Practice Social Distance with Kids in Tow
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Old Farmer's Almanac

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Denver Zoo

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303 Magazine

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About Generation Wild

Studies agree that playing outside makes kids smarter, happier, more attentive, and less anxious.

Generation Wild is changing a generation of kids.
Discover How
Why play outside?

Why Should Kids Play Outside?

Some of the best discoveries kids make outside are about themselves.

A research study from the University of Michigan found that the average kid in America spends less than seven minutes a day running around outside in unstructured play. Seven quick minutes that are gone in a blink.

That’s not just a shame, it’s not healthy. Because doing things outside makes kids stronger and more self-reliant. Outside is where imagination and curiosity run wild. And that’s just the beginning.

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Parenting Strategies

How to help your kid hear the call of the wild. And answer it.

Today, parents and caregivers are concerned about just how much time kids spend inside in front of a screen rather than taking part in fun outdoor activities. It’s practically the whole day. We gathered tips from experts around the world to help get kids off the couch and back outside playing again.

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Parenting Strategies

Ideas & Inspiration

There’s no shortage of outdoor activities to get kids started.

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The List

100 Things to Do Before You’re 12.

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Backyard Hacks


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Library Book

Wild Library

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