The List

The List

100 Things to Do Before You’re 12.

There are a million fun things to do outside when you’re a kid. Maybe more. But where do you start? How about a list of 100 things every kid absolutely has to do before they’re 12. At least that’s what kids tell us. And don’t worry, if you run out, we’ll come up with more.

100 Things List100 Things List - Spanish

No. 1

Skip rocks.

No. 2

Spot a shooting star.

No. 3

Dig to the center
of the Earth.

No. 4

Create a
sidewalk mural.

No. 5

Roll down a hill.

No. 6

Go on a picnic.

No. 7

Build a fort.

No. 8

See what’s hiding under a rock.

No. 9

Tightrope walk
on a log.

No. 10

Blow dandelions into the wind.

No. 11

Imitate a
bird’s call.

No. 12

Dance in the rain

No. 13

Dig up worms.

No. 14

Make a flower necklace.

No. 15

Climb a tree.

No. 16

Sleep under the stars.

No. 17

Fly a kite.

No. 18

Explore a state park.

No. 19

Roast marshmallows.

No. 20

Find the Big Dipper.

No. 21

Jump into a pile of leaves.

No. 22

Build a

No. 23

Splash in puddles.

No. 24

Go fishing and eat what you catch.

No. 25

Make a walkie talkie out of tin cans and string.

No. 26

Go on a hay ride.

No. 27

Eat an apple straight from
a tree.

No. 28

Catch a crawdad.

No. 29

Wade in a stream.

No. 30

Cook over a campfire.

No. 31

Find a walking stick.

No. 32

Pick wild raspberries.

No. 33

Hike a 14er.

No. 34

Read a book under a tree.

No. 35

Start a water balloon fight.

No. 36

Grow something from a seed.

No. 37

Catch snowflakes on your tongue.

No. 38

Run through a sprinkler.

No. 39

Try to catch
your shadow.

No. 40

Make a musical instrument with stuff from nature.

No. 41

Learn how to do
a cartwheel.

No. 42

Make a crayon leaf rubbing.

No. 43

Bury a time capsule.

No. 44

Whittle a stick.

No. 45

Collect six different kinds of rocks.

No. 46

Tell ghost stories around the campfire.

No. 47

Pick up pennies from the deep end of the pool.

No. 48

Hear your own echo.

No. 49

Find shapes in
the clouds.

No. 50

Find your way home using only a compass and map.

No. 51

Chase a butterfly.

No. 52

Find a four-leaf clover.

No. 53

Swing on a rope swing.

No. 54

Build a snow cave.

No. 55

Play hopscotch.

No. 56

Tube down a creek.

No. 57

Make a fairy garden.

No. 58

Play capture the flag.

No. 59

Make mud pies.

No. 60

Go cardboard box sledding.

No. 61

Hear an elk bugle in the wild.

No. 62

Pop a wheelie.

No. 63

Race toy boats down a stream.

No. 64

Find a secret hiding place.

No. 65

Go bird watching.

No. 66

Brew sun tea.

No. 67

Play Double Dutch jump rope.

No. 68

Find a ladybug.

No. 69

Go ice skating on a pond.

No. 70

See who can jump the farthest.

No. 71

Play freeze tag in the moonlight.

No. 72

Walk on stilts.

No. 73

Paddle a canoe.

No. 74

Have a wheelbarrow race.

No. 75

Spin in circles and try to walk a straight line.

No. 76

Howl at the moon.

No. 77

Jump off a diving board.

No. 78

Walk on your hands.

No. 79

Get your own pumpkin from a pumpkin patch.

No. 80

Run a mile.

No. 81

Make a bow and arrow with branches and string.

No. 82

Visit a glacier.

No. 83

Make a pinecone bird feeder.

No. 84

Go rock climbing.

No. 85

Find a Columbine in the wild.

No. 86

Make a tiny boat using a leaf.

No. 87

Pitch a tent.

No. 88

Identify animals by their tracks.

No. 89

Make snow ice cream.

No. 90

Play in a treehouse.

No. 91

Watch the sunrise.

No. 92

Eat something you grew.

No. 93

Build a bike jump.

No. 94

Set up a lemonade stand.

No. 95

Press flowers
In a book.

No. 96

Watch a caterpillar turn into a butterfly.

No. 97

Go horseback riding.

No. 98

Stay out for a lunar eclipse.

No. 99

Make a snow angel.

No. 100

Soak in a natural hot spring.

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