The List

The List

100 Things to Do Before You’re 12.

There are a million fun things to do outside when you’re a kid. Maybe more. But where do you start? How about a list of 100 things every kid absolutely has to do before they’re 12. At least that’s what kids tell us. And don’t worry, if you run out, we’ll come up with more.

100 Things List100 Things List - Spanish

No. 1

Skip rocks.

Two brothers standing at the water's edge, bathed in the warm glow of a sunset.

No. 2

Spot a shooting star.

Starry dark night sky.

No. 3

Dig to the center
of the Earth.

A child wearing a teal jacket digging in the sand.

No. 4

Create a
sidewalk mural.

Two young girls sitting on concrete, engaged in chalk drawing, viewed from behind.

No. 5

Roll down a hill.

Close-up of grass blades against a blue sky with clouds and a tree in the background.

No. 6

Go on a picnic.

Vintage woven picnic basket resting on a classic red and white checkered picnic tablecloth in the outdoors.

No. 7

Build a fort.

Children seated beneath a wooden tent made from logs and sticks, enjoying the outdoors.

No. 8

See what’s hiding under a rock.

Young blonde boy closely inspecting a circular white insect like a grub in his hand.

No. 9

Tightrope walk
on a log.

Fallen tree in a tranquil forest, bathed in warm sunlight.

No. 10

Blow dandelions into the wind.

Close-up of a fluffy white dandelion outdoors.

No. 11

Imitate a
bird’s call.

Close-up of an orange and gray robin perched on a mossy branch with its beak open.

No. 12

Dance in the rain

Digital painting of a girl wearing purple overalls enjoying the rain.

No. 13

Dig up worms.

No. 14

Make a flower necklace.

Vibrant purple wildflowers in a meadow, captured up close.

No. 15

Climb a tree.

A big, sunlit tree with a substantial trunk and expansive branches, standing proudly in the heart of a cozy suburban park.

No. 16

Sleep under the stars.

Campsite nestled in a valley at night, under a starry sky with mountains in silhouette.

No. 17

Fly a kite.

Colorful rainbow kite soaring high in the blue sky amid white clouds.

No. 18

Explore a state park.

Long shot of a mother and child hiking along a picturesque trail with distant vibrant rolling mountains, seen from behind.

No. 19

Roast marshmallows.

Close-up of a hand roasting a marshmallow over a small, contained fire.

No. 20

Find the Big Dipper.

Photograph capturing multi-colored stars against a dark gray sky framed by the silhouettes of treetops.

No. 21

Jump into a pile of leaves.

Young toddler dressed in blue jeans and a navy sweater playing in a mound of crisp autumn leaves at a park.

No. 22

Build a

Two little girls dressed in winter clothing adding sticks to a snowman in a snowy field.

No. 23

Splash in puddles.

Clay sculpture depicting the legs and feet of a child standing in a blue puddle with raindrops falling down.

No. 24

Go fishing and eat what you catch.

Two smiling young girls sitting in camping chairs fishing on the side of a lake, viewed from behind.

No. 25

Make a walkie talkie out of tin cans and string.

Young boy holding a homemade tin can phone with a string.

No. 26

Go on a hay ride.

Close-up of woven golden hay.

No. 27

Eat an apple straight from
a tree.

Cluster of golden yellow apples with subtle red flecks suspended from a tree branch.

No. 28

Catch a crawdad.

Red crawdad on soil extending its claws amid aquatic plants.

No. 29

Wade in a stream.

Toddler wading in a shallow lake with mountains in the distance.

No. 30

Cook over a campfire.

Vibrant blazing campfire surrounded by a rock ring enclosure in dark woods.

No. 31

Find a walking stick.

White and beige dog looks back at a small blonde child in a blue vest holding a stick on a hiking trail, viewed from behind.

No. 32

Pick wild raspberries.

Close-up of wild red raspberries on green leaves.

No. 33

Hike a 14er.

Father and daughter walking through a tree-lined hiking trail.

No. 34

Read a book under a tree.

Silhouette of a young boy sitting against a tree, reading a book as the sun sets.

No. 35

Start a water balloon fight.

Close-up of colorful filled water balloons arranged in a blue tub, set in an outdoor environment.

No. 36

Grow something from a seed.

Digital artwork featuring a clay plant sculpture perched on a mound of soil under a blue sky.

No. 37

Catch snowflakes on your tongue.

Close-up of a transparent snowflake set against a muted gray outdoor backdrop.

No. 38

Run through a sprinkler.

Close-up of a young boy smiling after getting splashed and drenched in water.

No. 39

Try to catch
your shadow.

Toddler raising both arms amidst a bare forest landscape, likely during the fall or winter season.

No. 40

Make a musical instrument with stuff from nature.

Young toddler in a colorful jumpsuit jacket picking up a stick outdoors during the autumn season, seen from behind.

No. 41

Learn how to do
a cartwheel.

No. 42

Make a crayon leaf rubbing.

Close-up of a hand holding a vibrant red leaf in a picturesque autumn outdoor scene.

No. 43

Bury a time capsule.

Close-up of a partially buried wooden chest in dark brown soil.

No. 44

Whittle a stick.

Close-up of a child's hand whittling a stick.

No. 45

Collect six different kinds of rocks.

Close-up view of small black and grey pebble-like rocks.

No. 46

Tell ghost stories around the campfire.

Six adult friends gathered around a campfire at night in a forest setting.

No. 47

Pick up pennies from the deep end of the pool.

Close-up of a rectangular pool bathed in sunlight.

No. 48

Hear your own echo.

A young girl with arms wide open looking over a grassy field with mountains in the distance, seen from behind.

No. 49

Find shapes in
the clouds.

Clear blue sky with a unicorn shaped cloud.

No. 50

Find your way home using only a compass and map.

Close-up of a hand holding a compass pointing northwest in an outdoor environment.

No. 51

Chase a butterfly.

Close-up of a vibrant orange and black monarch butterfly climbing to the top of a marigold bloom.

No. 52

Find a four-leaf clover.

Close-up view of lush green three-leaf clover field seen from above.

No. 53

Swing on a rope swing.

Silhouette photograph: Person flips into water from rope swing tied to a tree.

No. 54

Build a snow cave.

No. 55

Play hopscotch.

Young girl in a pink sweater creates sidewalk chalk art.

No. 56

Tube down a creek.

Two children in a body of water: one swimming freely, the other in an inflatable tube, seen from an overhead perspective.

No. 57

Make a fairy garden.

Glass jar adorned with glowing string lights against a dark outdoor environment.

No. 58

Play capture the flag.

Young girl sprinting across sunlit grass with barren trees in the background.

No. 59

Make mud pies.

Young girl wearing a straw hat in the foreground and another child enjoying a moment outdoors with dirt covered hands.

No. 60

Go cardboard box sledding.

A young boy in a blue jacket posing for a photo while climbing over snow dusted logs.

No. 61

Hear an elk bugle in the wild.

Elk with a tracking collar making a bugling call in the forest.

No. 62

Pop a wheelie.

Silhouette of a boy performing a wheelie on a bicycle, set against the backdrop of a vibrant sunset.

No. 63

Race toy boats down a stream.

Close-up of a paper sail boat with a red flag floating on calm water.

No. 64

Find a secret hiding place.

Close-up of sappy tree hollow.

No. 65

Go bird watching.

Close-up view of owl eyes observed through binoculars against a purple background.

No. 66

Brew sun tea.

Close-up of a glass beverage dispenser filled with water and tea bags, steeping in the sunlight within a backyard setting.

No. 67

Play Double Dutch jump rope.

A kid in blue skinny jeans and red sneakers leaping into a muddy puddle in an alley.

No. 68

Find a ladybug.

Close-up of a ladybug climbing up a plant stalk against a vibrant green backdrop.

No. 69

Go ice skating on a pond.

Overhead view of a boy ice skating on a frozen surface.

No. 70

See who can jump the farthest.

Little girl in a floral dress twirling on a grassy meadow framed by trees.

No. 71

Play freeze tag in the moonlight.

Hazy harvest moon, signaling the approach of autumn, set against a dark gray evening sky.

No. 72

Walk on stilts.

Dad helping his two daughters as they learn to stand and walk on stilts at an outdoor park.

No. 73

Paddle a canoe.

Close-up of a father with his two young children paddling a canoe on a lake surrounded by a mountain scenery.

No. 74

Have a wheelbarrow race.

Mom and two sons playing in the front lawn covered in autumn leaves.

No. 75

Spin in circles and try to walk a straight line.

Young toddler in green plaid shorts bending over in the grass.

No. 76

Howl at the moon.

Close-up of a vibrant full moon shining through a young cloudy sky.

No. 77

Jump off a diving board.

Underwater photograph capturing a young girl jumping into a pool.

No. 78

Walk on your hands.

Upside down photo of a park with trees and a playground in the distance.

No. 79

Get your own pumpkin from a pumpkin patch.

Abundance of ripe and vibrant pumpkins scattered on the ground, creating a colorful autumn display.

No. 80

Run a mile.

Young girl in a pink sweatshirt running through a foggy meadow toward a park bench, seen from behind.

No. 81

Make a bow and arrow with branches and string.

Close-up of autumn leaves on a wet forest floor.

No. 82

Visit a glacier.

Close-up view of a map of the state of Colorado.

No. 83

Make a pinecone bird feeder.

Close-up of a child's hands cradling pinecones in an outdoor setting.

No. 84

Go rock climbing.

Person bouldering up the side of a rock in the desert.

No. 85

Find a Columbine in the wild.

Closeup of purple columbine flower against a green background.

No. 86

Make a tiny boat using a leaf.

Singular golden autumn leaf floating atop shallow water.

No. 87

Pitch a tent.

Green tent illuminated from within, set in a serene outdoor night scene with a silhouetted mountain in the background.

No. 88

Identify animals by their tracks.

Close-up of animal tracks in the sand.

No. 89

Make snow ice cream.

Soft chocolate ice cream served in a waffle cone against a white backdrop.

No. 90

Play in a treehouse.

Intricate treehouse nestled in a lush forest, featuring a winding staircase.

No. 91

Watch the sunrise.

Silhouettes of individuals standing on a ridge, framed by a bright sunset.

No. 92

Eat something you grew.

Close-up of a bunch of freshly harvested carrots.

No. 93

Build a bike jump.

Mountain biker performing a jump off a natural dirt ramp on a trail.

No. 94

Set up a lemonade stand.

Overhead view of lemon slices and a tea bag arranged in a glass mason jar, set within a cozy kitchen ambiance.

No. 95

Press flowers
In a book.

Pressed botanical set featuring a variety of leaves and flowers displayed against a white backdrop.

No. 96

Watch a caterpillar turn into a butterfly.

Monarch butterfly and cocoons in various stages of development hanging from a beam.

No. 97

Go horseback riding.

Close-up of a brown horse in a stable.

No. 98

Stay out for a lunar eclipse.

Lunar cycle progression from full to quarter, half, and back to a harvest moon.

No. 99

Make a snow angel.

Red-haired child in a puffer jacket laying in snow, creating a snow angel.

No. 100

Soak in a natural hot spring.

Scenic long shot of individuals enjoying the famous Blue Lagoon, set against Iceland's captivating blue waters.

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