Meet Wilder

Who’s this Wilder character, and what does he want with my kids?

We’ll be the first to admit, you don’t run into something like Wilder every day. But don’t be alarmed. He might look like a cross between a mountain goat and yeti, but he’s going to be your new best friend. Because he’s on a mission to help your kids rediscover all the benefits waiting for them just outside your door, where things are a little wilder, a little happier, and a whole lot healthier.

Just when you thought Wilder wasn’t real,
you bump into him.



Joy Park Free Night

Children's Museum, Denver

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Living in Motion 359 Camp

Aurora, CO

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Arkansas Valley Fair - Kids Day

Rocky Ford, CO

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Wilder Posters

Every so often, something like Wilder comes along and changes everything.

Remember how much fun you used to have playing outside? Where puddles became oceans, sticks became boats, and trees loomed over it all like enchanted castles? You might not have known it, but Wilder was with you then. And now he’s back to show a whole new generation the magic of this great big, wonderfully wild world.

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Wilder and the Very, Very, Very Short Day.

Wilder loves playing outside, but there’s one day of the year that’s shorter than all the other days. On December 21, Wilder will literally race against daylight to maximize his fun with the Sun. Read all about Wilder’s adventures, inspired by the creative minds of our Generation Wild community. Download the book for free or purchase a printed copy that will be shipped directly to your home.

Neither GOCO nor Generation Wild will financially benefit from the sales. (But we still hope you love it!)

Leave it Wilder.

Wilder has teamed up with Volunteers for Outdoor Colorado (VOC) to keep the great outdoors, well, great. With Wilder as their trail guide, Coloradans are learning everything about playing outside responsibly, such as staying on trails and what to do when nature calls. Want to join the cause? VOC relies on thousands of volunteers to work on outdoor stewardship projects across Colorado – from city parks and foothills, to alpine meadows and peaks. You and your kids can take part in the fun by clicking the button below to join in.

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