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Snow flurries are an invitation from Mother Nature to get out and play.

Winter isn’t the end of fun. Quite the contrary. The outdoors is calling, and especially now, it’s important to make sure kiddos get at least 20 minutes of outside time. It can help with their moods and preserve your sanity. Feel free to use any of our tools, books, activity ideas or how-to videos to help your anti-hibernation strategy.

the list

The List

100 things to do before you’re 12. Maybe older, if you’re still into having fun.

Looking for things for kids to do outside? This isn't just stuff every kid should do, it's stuff every kid is going to want to do over and over again.

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Our Manifesto

The future belongs to the fearless.

The future belongs to the imaginative. The future belongs to the creative.
Those aren’t qualities you pick up playing video games or binge-watching YouTube.
Those are things that are grown and strengthened playing outside.
Challenging yourself. Having fun. Living loud.
The future belongs to the self-reliant, the self-confident, and the self-assured.
The future belongs to the generation of kids who play outside.
Letting their imagination and their curiosity run wild.
The future belongs to them.
The future belongs to Generation Wild.

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